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We love real fruits and care about our consumers' health, that's why all of our products are made from real fruits & real berries. 

If you need premium quality, reliable supply of real fruit paste fillings, low sugar, no preservatives & no colourings for your baking solutions or happy snacking moments, you are in the right place. We listen to your unique needs and provide the products that work for you. 

We are a leading exporter and manufacturer of Thailand's fruit paste with more than 30 years of experience in the business. We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers based on sincerity, fairness and compassion. 

We are proud that our premium pineapple paste is Thailand's most sought-after pineapple paste. We really feel thankful and grateful for the heartfelt support.

You are welcome to join our "Realberri Exclusive" to receive privilleges. Realberri Exclusive members are also entitled to receive free samples when we launch new products. Simply let us have your name, full contact details and let us know where you buy our products by sending an email to RealberriExclusive@pranfruit.com. You will be informed once your status is approved. 

プロダクト (ライスケーキのため) : パイナップルフィリング, オレンジフィリング, いちごフィリング, ラズベリーフィリング, ブルーベリーフィリング, 
マンゴーフィリング, キウイ フルーフィリング

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REAL Strawberry Filling
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REAL Mango Filling
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REAL Kiwi Filling
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REAL Raspberry Filling
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                                                                 >> Invited by "Dailynews" for an interview

                   For any customers who knew us from the newspaper or this website, simply let us know which date 
              the interview was published, get 5% discount together with FREE premium quality sample.  
**For customers who are staying in Thailand only.

   Special thanks to Mr.Veeraphan Tomeeboon, Dailynews Thailand's Executive, for the invitation






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